Working with Multiple Subject Areas in OBIEE 11G!

If you have to do cross/Multiple-subject area operations in OBIEE 11g. Here we have two ways to do it.

Option 1:  Use Union/Intersect operations which creates a Union query.
Option 2:  Use 'Add/Remove Subject Area' which can be used to combine Attributes/Facts across multiple Subject Areas.

In 10g you were constrained to the use only option 1 which made life very difficult if you just wanted a simple report aggregating two measures from different subject areas across a common dimension. These operators are still there in 11g, but we also have a much more user friendly way of querying.

The steps are:

  • Start by creating a normal Answers request in a single subject area.
  •  In the subject areas pane there is an icon with a green plus on it ("Add / Remove Subject Areas")
  • Select the subject area you are interested in
  • Choose a common dimension from either subject area and measures from the relevant source.
Lets take Sample Applite rpd to work on this.
Step1 : Create new analysis –>click on   to select another subject area and click OK.

Pull columns from both the subject areas

Step2 :  Click on results.