What is DAC?

•DAC stands for Data Warehouse Administration Console.
•DAC “orchestrates” the population of a warehouse. It provides a centralized framework for the entire life cycle of data warehouse implementations, including the setup, configuration, administration, and loading of data warehouses.
•DAC complements ETL platforms such as Informatica and it   provides application capabilities at a layer above the ETL execution platform.
•DAC is considered to be the “heart” of the OBI Applications methodology. It is used to administer, install, maintain and monitor ETL runs.

Advantages of using DAC 

•DAC simplifies ETL customization and execution
•Defines logical grouping of ETLs such as subject areas and execution plans
•Automates configuration of ETL for full and incremental load of subject areas
•Prioritizes and load balances ETL workflow execution
•Compiles historical tracking of diagnostic ETL logs
•Provides restart of ETL execution from point of failure
•Updates database statistics on tables and indexes

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