Adding a Default Header or Footer to New Analyses


To Edit the Answers Template for default template you must override the kuiCriteriaDefaultViewElements tag of Answers.

I want to add the Footer so i choose the tag  pageFooter to achieve this  "ObieeLearner Propriety and Confidential --Saleem" , to achieve this i creaated the header.xml custom xml as shown below.

Note: For Header please add the tag: pageHeader.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<WebMessageTables xmlns:sawm="">
   <WebMessageTable system="Answers" table="ViewDefaults">
<WebMessage name="kuiCriteriaDefaultViewElements" translate="no"><HTML>
   <view signature="compoundView" >
      <pageProps pageSize="a4">
         <pageFooter showOnDashboard="true" show="true">
            <zone type="top"><caption>[b]OBIEE LEARNER Propriety and Confidential --Saleem[/b]</caption>
            <displayFormat fontColor="#FFE000"/></zone>
Once the changes the done just Reload the metadata you should be able to see the Results

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