Mapviewer loading data slowly

In many cases it has been noted that the mapviewer maps are loading very slowly.

Performance tuning of obiee maps:

Use Mapbuilder tool to dry run the reports and identify the time consumed in the db to that of the rendering time in the mapbuilder log space. Enable map viewer log in obiee and try to gather stats from there as well.

Once you have the timings check if you can you use render the same map using different themes.
Check if you can gather stats on the physcal tables of the map and see if that improves performance.
Check the Awr Reports and make sure there is no bottle neck at the DB.
Check if you can reorganize the table, partition your data tables and associated spatial indexes.

There are other factors that can be associated to the slownness:

 # of features being loaded in a map
Amount of Heap memory being allocated.

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