Obiee Learners: MOLAP vs OLAP

MOLAP vs OLAP in terms of BI:

OLAP: Interactive Analysis of data on multiple dimensions. you can consolidate(aggreagate) ,drill down, slice and dice. Ex: all sales offices are rolled up to the sales department or sales division to anticipate sales trends.
OLAP is highly scalable, Time consuming* and provide attribute based analysis. we can implement level based hierarchies.

MOLAP: An alternate of OLAP. MOLAP differs significantly in that (in some software) it requires the pre-computation and storage of information in the cube.
MOLAP is fast, flexible, supports parent child and level based hierarchies by default.

For instance we have a analysis report on the same data, build on top of OLAP and on essbase cube. Essbase cube in some cases proven to be 300% faster than OLAP report.


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