OBIEE Catalog Replication

Usually catalog can be migrated between the environments but if we have a scenario where u want to replicate the catalog between env then u can follow this:

Why i choose replication?

I have server 1 which is supposed to be used exclusively for analysis and have server 2 which was exclusively for just running Dashboards(wired thought of clients). I would have used the same catalog shared between the servers but i choose to replication services. The Replication Agent (whose file name is sawrepaj) is a utility that performs common replication tasks such as copying, exporting, importing, and marking for replication.

Configuring Replication:

cd $ORACLE_HOME\bifoundation\web\bin

Step 1:
create a config file for replication:
lets save this config file as   $OracleHome\bifoundation\web\bin\config.xml
      <Server name="1" user="<admin1user>" pwd="<admin1password>">
        <Property name= ""
        value ="<port>/analytics/saw.dll"/>
        <Property name="" value="N"/>
      <Server name="2" user="admin2user" pwd="admin2password">
      <Property name=""
        value ="localhost:10712"/>
      <Property name="" value="Y"/>

      <Folderset name="all">

      <ReplicationTask destination="2" source="1" folders="all" />
Step 2: 

Enable Replication in the instanceconfig

Step 3:

I just want to replicate everything in config.xml file  so i run it as
sawrepaj $OracleHome\bifoundation\web\bin run

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