Repository Creation Utility

Note: Please make sure you have Loop back adapter installed and configured before you start to avoid post installation issues.

Download RCU from the below Link 

OBIEE 11g needs two metadata repositories to be created with RCU
  •             Metadata Services (MDS)
  •             Business Intelligence Platform (BIPLATFORM)
To create the Oracle Business Intelligence schemas using RCU:

Step 1:
Extract the RCU .zip file; access the bin directory in the rcuhome. As shown in the Fig.

Step 2:

In the next screen you can see the two options
  • Create: Create and load component schemas in to database
  • Drop: Remove the component schemas from database 
    Select Create Radio button and click on next
Step 3:

Provide the database detail where do you want to create the schemas

   Host Name: Name or ip or localhost of database server
   Port: it is by default 1521 provided by oracle for oracle database
   Services Name: Check the service name of your database in tnsname file and give it to service name field.
   User name & Password: provide the User name & Password which has dba privileges.
   Role: select Role depends upon the user you have given.
Click Next. The Checking Prerequisites screen opens. After the checking is complete with no errors, click OK to dismiss the screen and proceed to the Select Components screen.
Step 4:

Component Detail ->Select the Oracle Business Intelligence Component. This action automatically selects the Metadata Services (MDS) schema (under the AS Common Schemas group), which is also required by Oracle Business Intelligence. You can give any prefix you want.
Step 5:
Schema Passwords -> Use Same Password for all schemas

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