Oracle BI Web Services Licensing and Permissions

Oracle BI Web Services is available to licensed users of Oracle Business Intelligence. The installer
generates the appropriate licensing entries in the analyticsweblicense.xml file based on the
installation key. If you get a gNot Licensedh error when making an Oracle BI Web Services method,
then check that you used the correct key at installation.

The licensing entries in the analyticsweblicense.xml file are:

kmsgLicenseSOAPAccess. This entry enables the SOAP interfaces.
kmsgLicenseOfficeIntegration. This entry enables integration with Microsoft Excel.

The Access Soap permission is granted to all users by default. If you explicitly deny this permission
to a user, then Oracle BI throws an "Access Denied" exception for Oracle BI Web Services methods
that require authentication (examples: logon and logonex).

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