Using Log viewer Obiee

Use the Oracle Business Intelligence Log Viewer utility (or a text editor) to view the query log. Each entry in the query log is tagged with the name of the user who issued the query, the session ID of the session in which the query was initiated, and the request ID of the individual query.To run the Log Viewer utility (which is located on Windows in \MW_HOME\ORACLE_HOME\bifoundation\server\bin\nqlogviewer.exe,open a command prompt, and enter nqlogviewer with any combination of its arguments.

The syntax is as follows:
nqlogviewer [-u user_name] [-f log_input_filename][-o output_result_filename][-s session_ID] [-r request_ID]

 Log Can also be Viewed Here Administrators can view the query log using the Manage Sessions
option in the Presentation Services Administration page.

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