OBIEE 11G Upgrade stratergy

BI Upgrade from 11.1.1.X --->

Step 1: Perform the following general pre-patch tasks:
            Stop all WebLogic Servers, Node Manager, OPMN, and OPMN-managed system components                 that are part of all Oracle BI domains that use the Middleware Home that you must patch.
Step 2: Download the appropriate Product Installers.
Step 3: Patch Oracle WebLogic Server to the latest version.
Step 4: Run the Oracle BI Product Installer, and perform a Software Only installation, specifying the                      existing Middleware home to be patched.
Step 5: Run the Patch Set Assistant for each of the Oracle BI schemas i.e MDS , BIPLATFORM using                  RCU utility.
Step 6: Update configurations and stores.
Step 7: Update catalogs.
Step 8: If you use DataDirect drivers, then update and configure them.
Step 9: Enable the Oracle BI JBIPS configuration template features for the Smartview client.
Step 10: Start servers and Verify the patched installation by starting Oracle BI EE, if you installed it.

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  1. the strategy would work for stand alone server but few steps would vary for clustered implementation.