Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool

With OBIEE 12c we have got a new tool to validate baseline data between the upgraded system and an older instance.

This tool enables the creation of a baseline set of data that is then able to be compared with data from another (or the same) system that may be the result of an upgrade, patch or migration, or any change.

A way to perform regression testing on any two compatible Oracle BIEE environments– Works within and across 11g and 12c versions.

A way to instill confidence when performing an upgrade, migration orsignificant change to an existing environment

Provides a pluggable based implementation
The following modules will be available: –

Data verification
Compare result output (i.e. actual numbers or text) from different versions
Visual verification
Capture screenshots of reports to check they are visually the same
BI catalog verification
Capture object and metadata and compare with the target system
Logical query verification
Capture logical query definitions and compare with the target system
Performance verification
Capture performance profile to check there’s not degradation

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