RICE Components

RICE stands for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Enhancements.

During an Oracle Apps implementation, additional configuration, design, or programming requirements are necessary to satisfy functional requirements and achieve the desired functionality. RICE objects represent requirements not currently supported within the core functionality of an Oracle Application Module being implemented and thus require additional technical development to satisfy the functional requirement of an organization.

Reports: For Business purpose, user may require a report with some data. Based on user requirement the Technical consultant will develop the report using SQL / PL SQL / Report Builder / Apex / Discoverer.
Conversion: One time data to be uploaded in the oracle apps like supplier data, customer data in excel / from legacy system to the oracle apps base tables / master. Interfaces: Interfaces are similar to conversion. Conversion is a one­time process where as Interface is a regular process. Interfaces can be scheduled daily or periodically.
Inbound Interface: Transferring the data from the legacy / third party system into the Oracle apps base tables.
Outbound Interface: Transferring the data from the Oracle apps base tables to the legacy / third party system.
Enhancements: Enhancements / Extensions are personalizing the forms based on user requirements.

In simple, during an Implementation / development project RICE components involves: 1. Creation of Reports that are not available as standard reports in the oracle apps modules. 2. Creation of the Interfaces to external systems. 3. Creation of Conversion programs to transfer data from a legacy system to the new system. 4. Enhancements (or extensions) to the existing system to ad

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