Session Vs Repository Variables

OBIEE 10g / 11g Session Vs Repository Variables

Repository Variables:

Repository variables can be streamline administrative tasks and dynamically modify metadata content to adjust to a changing data environment. A repository variable has a single value at any point in time.

Session Variables:

Session variables are created and assigned a value when each user logs on. Session variables are similar to dynamic repository variables in that they obtain their values from initialization blocks. Unlike dynamic repository variables, however, the initialization of session variables is not scheduled. When a user begins a session, the Oracle BI Server creates new instances of session variables and initializes them.

Values in repository and session variables are not secure, because object permissions do not apply to variables. Anyone who knows or can guess the name of the variable can use it in an expression in Answers or in a Logical SQL query. Because of this, do not put sensitive data like passwords in session or repository variables.

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